The Johnny Winter Story


Around 1967 Johnny Winter performed with the Traits Band (previously led by Roy Head) it is not really clear and sure on which records Johnny actually performed.

This is some of the information available on Roy Head and the Traits:

Roy Head has worn more hats than a crooked politician. He has been a teen heart throb, an R&B sensation and a country music performer.

Born in Three Rivers, Texas on September 1, 1941, his mom was a full blooded Indian and his dad an itinerant worker. While a teenager he formed his band, the Traits, so named because the 24 members had so many different personality traits. Roy Head was the Band Leader and vocalist, Dan Buie played piano, Bill Pennington played bass, Tommy Bolton was lead guitar and Jerry Gibson drummed. Many listeners assumed that Head's growling vocals were indeed that of a black man.

As often happens in the record business, once the money starts rolling in is when the grumbling starts. Roy cut the Traits loose and went solo while the band recruited Dean Scott and later, Johnny Winter as their front man. After this period, nothing is known of the whereabouts of the individual Traits.

Meanwhile, Roy was riding high on national tours, traveling to gigs in style. He even appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. By the late '60s tastes had shifted from R&B to Psychedelic rock. He reunited the Traits briefly and had some outstanding records but this fad passed soon. This recording contains his early singles - Teeny Weeny Bit & One More Time. Today he's semi- retired, living on his ranch in Porter, Texas.


Record Company Number Song titles Remarks

U-30494 Somewhere / Harlem Shuffle The Traits (unknown whether Johnny Winter performed on these recordings)

U-30496 Parchman Farm / Tramp Johnny Winter's Band: The Traits. recorded during the brief period in 1967 when Johnny Winter was the leader of "The Traits" and it was released under the group name, in a pressing of 300 45s on the Universal label.

These songs have been re-released on the album: Birds Cant Row Boats


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