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Thumbnail Photo Of Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick original newspaper cover
In Brief:  Thick as a Brick (1972) is a concept album by the British rock band Jethro Tull. Its lyrics are built around a poem written by a fictitious boy, "Gerald Bostock" a.k.a. "Little Milton". The album on LP vinyl runs as one seamless track on both sides of the record. The song is notable for its numerous time signature and tempo changes, as well as a large number of themes throughout the piece, resembling a typical classical symphony in this regard, rather than a typical rock song. 
Music Genre:  Progressive Rock Music 
Collector's info:  Thin newspaper cover design
This original LP cover was a spoof of a twelve by sixteen inch (305 by 406 mm) multipage local newspaper with stories, competitions, adverts, etc., lampooning the parochial and amateurish local journalism that still exists in many places today. The "newspaper" also includes the entire lyrics to the song.

Because of the thin paper used to make this cover, albums with the original thin newspaper sleeve completey intact are very hard to find and thus very valuable.  
Album:  Produced by Ian Anderson
Record Label:  Chrysalis 6307 502 ( 6307502 )  
Record Format:  12" LP total weigh 330 gram 
Year & Country  1972 Made in Germany  

Album cover photos of : Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick original newspaper cover

Photo of Front Cover 
Photo of Album's Back Cover  


Photo of Record Label 
Note: the above pictures are actual photos of the album and allow you to judge the quality of cover. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash. The quality of these images has been reduced in order to preserve network bandwidth, high quality images of these scans can be made available on request

Band Members and Musicians on: Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick original newspaper cover

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Ian Anderson vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, violin
  • Martin Barre electric guitar, lute
  • John Evan piano, organ, harpsichord
  • Jeffrey Hammond (as Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond ): Bass guitar, vocals
  • Barriemore Barlow drums, percussion, timpani
  • David Palmer - brass and string arrangements

Track Listing of: Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick original newspaper cover

    Side One:
  • Thick as a Brick 22:45 (Ian Anderson/Gerald Bostock)
    Side Two:
  • Thick as a Brick 21:05 (Ian Anderson/Gerald Bostock)

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